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reform on the rocks. even senator marco rubio admits that efforts to change immigration reform and the law not going so good. the agenda panel will weigh in on that coming up. >>> jay z breaking his silence about his big deal with the department store barney's and allegations of racial profiling by the store. why he says he isn't backing out. okay ladies, whenever you're ready. thank you. thank you. i got this. no, i'll get it! no, let me get this. seriously. hey, let me get it. ah, uh. i don't want you to pay for this. it's not happening, honey. let her get it. she got her safe driving bonus check from allstate last week. and it's her treat. what about a tip? oh, here's one... get an allstate agent. nice! [ female announcer ] switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only from allstate. call an allstate agent and get a quote now. just another way allstate is changing car insurance for good. why would i take one pepcid® when i could take tums® throughout the day when my heartburn comes back? 'cause you only have to take one... [ male announ
the immigration status of anyone that wanted to rent an apartment in the city. >> what came of that was out right bigotry and animosity toward latinos. this was a community we felt welcome in and loved very much. >> and all white city council passed the o ordinance. her win is significant. not only for minorities it's for activating latino voters. 45 % of la teen latinos who cast a ballot had never voted in an election. the overall hispanic turn out in the district, more than tripled singsince the last city electio. he says the sigh secret to the success was simple. woo>>ts. we fe decided from the getgo tht we needed to talk person to person to hispanic voters. >> inside of those homes bilingual volunteers took on the peperception and problem keeping hispanics from the polls. voter apathy and unfa unfamiliarity. here is a do google map from yor house to the polling location. and if that is not good enough we'll give you a ride. >> they had a secret weapon. i'm here at the door now when you go into the polls you will see my father and mother ma roo yeah. roo -- maria. 18-year-old went to the polls
difficult years. we went totally broke. and people had basically given up on the country immigrating. so being, coming, having gone through that, which was caused by so badly mistaken government policies in terms of public spending, they spent everything. they put on huge debt. they build massive white elephants. and so they squandered a good part of our oil riches and that's what led us to that decline. >> rose: you're in the sofa business too. >> yes. we have to compete. >> rose: with carlos slim. >> he bought the government monopoly. what they call the ppt the whole thing. they had local phone, long distance phones, mobile phones, all kinds of links. everything was monopolized by the government. and this also was put to sale by salinas. and that was good. but the bad thing was they put it for sale as a monopoly. so it became from a private -- from a public monopoly it became a private monopoly. and very well run i have to say. >> rose: by carlos salinas. >> yes. they did what they had to do. and they became a hugely successful private monopoly. >> rose: are you friendly rivals. >>
says he will now join house democrated to pass comprehensive immigration reform this year. my sbchb with the california republican congressman jeff deny nam, that's right ahead. later, cnn's interview today with the former vice president dick cheney. cheney says edward snowden is "a traitor." plain and simple. my asthma's under control. i don't miss out... you sat out most of our game yesterday! asthma doesn't affect my job... you were out sick last week. my asthma doesn't bother my family... you coughed all through our date night! i hardly use my rescue inhaler at all. what did you say? how about - every day? coping with asthma isn't controlling it. test your level of control at, then talk to your doctor. there may be more you could do for your asthma. for those nights when it's more than a bad dream, be ready. for the times you need to double-check the temperature on the thermometer, be ready. for high fever, nothing works faster or lasts longer. be ready with children's motrin. ♪ [ male announcer ] eeny, meeny, miny, go. ♪ ♪ more adventures await in the new seven
parties pander to them because of immigration or on business or whatever. >> rose: nationalistic issues. >> exactly. >> i think exact you, a actually you are right but i woul would d another point, not just economies are not growing fast enough and slow growth it is the political economy of slow growth at a time when inequality is widening and there is the gains from the growth there is overwhelmingly to few people so for the very person in a lot of the rich world, the stagnating or even falling, that is just not a sustainable situation for years and years and year in a democracy. >> rose: yes. a lot of politicians have dealt careers on making scapegoats of the dispossessed in an economic downturn. >> he has written a book called the last vote in democracy is in trouble. that is a big problem. >> rose: i will let him tell me what is the theme of the book. >> you have the two threats, the bottom up one people are dissatisfied with politicians and ratings of congress, for example, they vote less and vote for extremists more and then the second element is the top down one which is their de
in to lagos. we have a lot of immigrants coming into different parts of nigeria. so we are trying to tell the story of immigrants in logos, d we are portraying it as, which it is, the land of opportunity. red hat musical also has a modern twist. >> this is uncharted territory for performs arts. they are referring to it as ryu lution area as they hope it will set a new trend to nigerian theater. >> music is at the heart, and with the hope of reaching a wide audience, there is a bit of something for everyone. >> we don't just play the music. we do it differently because we want everything we do in this production to be unique. >> it has taken up to three months to put this together. what a task for the cast and crew, who never worked in anything like in this-. >> as an actor, it is not evans are you day you come across work like this. you usually say your line. but here, you task yourself. you bring to play everything you have learned in acting school, singing, dancing, acting. everything comes together. >> the production opened to a full house in lagos. old and young alike were captivated
can see the great haul, the first place immigrants saw arriving in the u.s. >> for more, let's go to john, who is on ellis island this morning. ellis island suffered terrible damage during sandy. how much of the facility will be open today for visitors? >> well, stephanie, good morning. it's a 27.5-acre site here. just to give you an indication of where we are actually sited, so you know, we're in the northern end of new york harbor. we'll get jimmy, our cameraman to pan over the financial district in manhattan. this site is most famous today for the american immigration museum, and tourists who do come here today for the first time in a year will see the famous halls and they'll see the big great hall where as tom was saying just now, immigrants got their first glance at the united states, and that famous staircase where immigrants were vetted by the doctors as they went up the staircase. the doctors was looking at them to see if they had diseased. many of them, 2% of the people who came here were sent home. what they won't see is the 1 million artifacts and documents they had to
obamacare blows of, the masters talking about immigration reform, education. and that brings up the next question, amnesty. comprehensive and immigration reform. i love the way they sell this. six and the people from the gop lobbying base descending upon washington to cajole the authorities into granting amnesty to illegal reverence. >> adding that the versions were before and will again. lou: al was -- what do you think? >> we have to do something to sell the immigration problem. lou: he sign-off with the national association, the zero cars. super. >> able to make a difference. thousands could have stopped it. you'll make sure we listen is it goes along with the administration for amnesty. lou: the establishment has nothing to do with the quality of life, standard of living for twenties on million americans who are out of work, unemployed, underemployed, and they don't see this same fervor and passion . >> i am against it because it is too draconian. >> i supported the house plan was incremental. >> you want to go beyond. >> not good enough for you. what is good enough? >> above the cit
for a piecemeal approach to immigration reform, which is the opposite of what he was doing six months ago. >> then he overreached along with ted cruz, which, florida ain't texas. >> i have a good feel for this. how do you navigate this wild bunch that is the republican party right now in a way you can eventually win the nomination. >> you tell people what you believe in. >> governor christie model. >> immigration reform, he needed to say the same thing on english language radio station, spanish radio station. i've said it before. i'll say it again, nobody ever stops you when you are going 90 miles an hour, if he was going 90 miles an hour in support of immigration reform and very aggressive about it, actually attacking poem that opposed him. even in his own party, you know, quoting the "wall street journal," quoting other small government conservatives, he would have done well, but -- >> it would have been hard now, he would have benefitted tremendously. >> he would have benefitted down the road and been a rock rib conservative. >> can he still recover here? >> it will be hard to recover
&p 500 gained two, the nasdaq dropped three. >>> the place that ushered millions of immigrants into the u.s. is once again receiving visitors tonight. ellis island has reopened a year after a devastating storm. senior correspondent rick leaventhat will was there. >> reporter: despite its location in the middle of new york harbor, ellis island had never flooded since it opened in 1892 until it was swamped by hurricane sandy last october. >> it's been a long year. we've had not only trying to fix the place but also trying to fix it sustainablely. >> reporter: destroyed electric, heat and ac. some exhibits were damaged, but most of the 1 million historical photographs, documents and autographs were spared and moved to safe storage. now ellis island has reopened the first and second floors of the immigration building so visitors can once again see where 12 million immigrants spent their first few hours in america. >> it's going to cost about $21 million and about 18 months to get the system changed. but once it's changed, if god forbid there is everanother hurricane sandy, it's going to be ab
of these immigrants wish to go to germany, norway and other parts of europe where there's a more flourishing economy. this is an historical situation in which people are leaving their homeland because of the change of the climate, because of re-examine wars. it's a massive activity. >> this is the center which the italian authorities built to house migrants on lampedusa. it's built for 250, maximum 300 people. but there's always a lot more than that here these days. at the moment there are over 700 inside. we were not given permission to enter. through the fence we speak to mohammed from damascus. how was his sea journey? >> so dangerous and crowded. the waves and the sea - it's too dangerous. >> what do you want now. what is your dream for the future? >> to complete my studies. to have respect. lampedusa was a sleepy place, known for fishermen and sun sets. but now it has a fame it never desired, as the island which people risk everything to reach. >>> more than 13,000 refugees have already sought asylum on lampedusa this year. that's double the population of the island. al jazeera america is looki
. the daughter of immigrants from india hopes to become a paediatrician. she's a premed major at queens college, who lives at home. her tuition is under $6,000, all heir family can -- her family can afford. >> the college bays large amounts of aid. >> we are getting students, first in the family to go to college or first in this country. without us they wouldn't be able to transcend the particular situation and move up. >> financial planner bob traitz says cost has everything to do with how families pick schools. >> from working class families they select on affordability and geographical convenience as opposed to living on campus. >> with tewition on the rise, families are looking at where they can get the most bang for the buck. the "washington monthly" produced one of many lists ranking colleges on that. queens college is number two. the study looked at 1500 colleges. queens was one of the best in helping low income students get degrees at affordable prices. >> "washington monthly"'s prices took fact a record for producing cutting edge class. measuring the value of college can lead to differ
of the popular immigration station and american immigrant wall of honor outside. the immigration museum will remain closed through the spring. much more news after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] eeny, meeny, miny, go. more adventures await in the lexus lx, rx, and new seven-passenger gx. dare to be spontaneous. >>> between the u.s. spying revelations and the problem with the obama care website, it seems president obama may have a management problem on his hands. our chief political analyst gloria borger is here watching all of this for us. is the president on top of these critically important issues? >> it seems to me that at the very least, wolf, there is some kind of a management problem over at the white house. you have the president saying he's angry that he didn't know that the website was having problems with his signature domestic legislative achievement. he also, we're now told, didn't know about angela merkel's cell phone being tapped as well as other friendly leaders' cell phones being tapped, until very recently. and so the larger question that i think you have to t
away at to the point where now again from issue to issue, immigration, health care reform and certainly on foreign policy you're seeing a robust left presence. i want to go back. i think the more interesting thing here is the new coalitions forming. when you see code pink and freedom work joining together for a rally. >> that means the world is over. >> that means america has to is the up and take notice we're doing something really troubling. hopefully the president will show leadership and take accountability for it. >> in a weird way not everything has to be partisan. >> lets not go too crazy. >> not get ahead of ourselves. waiting for president obama to speak at the welcoming ceremony for new fbi director james comey. >>> former vice president dick cheney cast in a new light. we will discuss cheney doctrine and peter baker's incredibly awesome new book next on "now." ready to run your lines? okay, who helps you focus on your recovery? yo, yo, yo. aflac. wow. [ under his breath ] that was horrible. pays you cash when you're sick or hurt? [ japanese accent ] aflac. love it. [ under hi
's no coincident that ellis island, through which 12 million immigrants were processed and in 16 years of active service is reopening on the same day as laid dilady liberty's birthday. what better way is there to celebrate her 127th an verse i but visitors to ellis island may have to wait a while for some of the or tacks stretching back to the time when they processed millions of immigrants hoping to make it in to the new world a little more drying out is needed before it's safe to return the 1 million documents once on permanent display here. the target date for getting them out of storage and back on the island is may the first of next year. john terret, al jazeera, ellis islands, new york. ♪ ♪ >>> i am michael eaves, first mitchell game five at busch stadium is scheduled for a little more than three hours from now. with the series between the boss tonight red sox and st. louis cardinals tied at one game a piece following last night's 4-2 win it was yet another bizarre ending with colton wong got picked off first daze to end the game. we'll have a live report from busch stadium later. in n
and rv. >>> the state of alabama will not enforce parts of its tough immigration law, reaching a settlement with civil rights groups that permanently blocks permissions that directed public schools to ask the immigration status of schools at enrollment time. that statement also acknowledging police cannot stop someone to check their immigration status. >>> cirque du soleil, and mgm grand being cited. this coming four months after she fell to her death during a show. her line snapped after scraping a sharp edge. the mgm grand and cirque du soleil plan to appeal those citations. >>> could facebook rescue blackberry? potential discussions for a bid for the struggling phonemaker. not sure how serious mark zuckerberg is about acquiring blackberry. >>> singer chris brown has entered a rehab facility one day after he appeared before a judge on an assault charge in washington, d.c. one of his reps said in a statement that brown's goal is to gain focus and insight into his past and recent behavior. his latest arrest could have implications for his probation. that all stemmed from a 2009
in maryland. >> reporter: the first and second floor of the immigration building are open to the public. that includes the great hall where immigrants were inspected and registry room upstairs where 12 million people spent their first hours in america. still a lot of work to do here but all the artifacts that were moved out should be back here when the heating an cooling system is restored next spring. staten island and other new york neighborhoods struggle to recover from hurricane sandy one year later. one particularly neighborhood, oak wood beach is still struggling t was had several feet of seawaterrer. it is a ghost town. all but five of 183 homeowners accept ad government buyout and moved on. we spoke to a man that lives nearby but doesn't want to stay there. >> within five minutes, it was completely flooded. just don't want to live here no more. it will happen again. >> reporter: sadly there are many more neighborhoods like oak wood beach where it looks like the hurricane happened last week or one month and not one year ago. there are signs of progress like here at ellis island.
of the immigrant wall of honor, the immigration museum will remain closed through the spring while a new electric am system is installed. remembrances continue to pour in for legendary rock pioneer lou reed dead at the age of 71. he was a founding member of the velvet underground sunday is widely credited with changing the landscape in the '70s. he wrote and recorded dozens and dozens of songs in his tremendous career. we'll talk more about that coming up. what a tremendous career when you think of all the influences. we'll get into it. >> and he was young, a loss on many levels. >> 71. yeah. >> thanks, mikaela. let's go straight over to ingrid petersen for a look at the temperatures. >> temperatures are bounding up to the 60s. above average. the average is typically in the upper 50s right now. this is only going to last one day, though. we have another cold front swinging through the northeast. it will bring it down for tuesday and wednesday. we are going to have a pattern shift. there is good news behind it. we will see warm conditions for the eastern half of the country. the cooler air switche
of the artifacts stretching back to the time when this island processed millions of immigrants homing to make it to the new -- hoping to make it to the new world. roughly 1 million documents and photographs and possessions once on display here. the target is may the 1st of next year. john terrett, al jazeera, ellis island, new york. >> our special series, surviving sandy. >>> james b. comey was formally installed. as head of the fbi. comey was the deputy attorney general under john ashcroft during the bush administration. >> given to every new employee by those who went before. but it is a gift that must be protected and earned every sim day. single day. we protect that gift by making mistakes and admitting them. by making promises and keeping them. and by realizing that nothing, no case, no source, no fear of embarrassment is worth jeopardizing the gift of integrity. >> during his tenure in the attorney general's office, comey blocked senior bush administration officials from getting a controversial wiretapping program reauthorized. >>> hacking into several u.s. earmt and nasa computer syste
of immigrants from india hopes to be a paediatrician. she is a student at queens college and lives at home. her tewition is under $6,000 a year, which is all her family can afford. queens college provide aid so students don't have to pick up a job. >> we are getting students from modest means, first in their family to go to college, first in this country. without us they wouldn't be able to transcend their particular situation and move up. financial planner bob traitz says cost has everything to do with how families pick schools. >> working class families are picking colleges based on affordability and geographical convenience. >> with tewition on the rise families are looking at where to get the most bang for the buck. the "washington monthly" produced one of many lists ranking colleges on that, and queens college is number two. their study looked at 1500 colleges. queens ranked as one of the best at helping low income students get marketable degrees. "washington monthly"'s rangings took into account a record for producing scholarships and encouraging students to give back to their country. me
the russian authorities rounded up hundreds of workers because of alleged violations and immigration and employment regulations. they are held in temporary cells where conditions are appalling. >> this footage was taken by a lawyer at a detention center, a flimsy metal shet. some men have been kept here for a week with nowhere to sleep and forced to buy their own food. the police denied they were holding anyone. >> deprived of legal counsel or translators. special courts deported the men, denying them a legal right to appeal. >> a construction site gives a man a job. they don't do it. they use migrant vulnerabilitiy to their advantage. they cheat on them >> this russian worker had trouble of getting paid. his unorthodox method of protest created such a scandal his employers paid the money they owed him. >> well, russia has faced criticism on how they dealt with football racism. recently manchester city player tore was the victim of racial abuse. toure has talked about the incident and talked about fifa's anti-racism task force, and says more work needs to be done. >> translation: th
, supporters and members against ideological and political opponents and immigrants as well. the party has try to distance itself from that kind of behavior, and show these kinds of accusations are unfunded. >> john reporting from athens. >>> talks are under way in mali trying to, but separatest soldiers have told al jazeera that they will fight on. they have tried to create an independent state in the north of the country. in the second part of our series on the security challenge facing the country, we met fighters from one of those groups. the arab groups, he's the first journalist to do so since the fighting ended. >> reporter: it is a long and bumpy ride to reach the rebels. finally here is the first sign of their existence in the area. it's like what they have vowed to pursue. they have gathered to show their might. these are the fighters of the movement, one of three groups who have been waging against the central rule. >> we've taken up arms only because of the wrong that colonialism has done to us. >> reporter: three other movements sign initial agreement lead to go a general election
the boilers and electrical systems of the island's museum that documents decades of immigrant arrivals. the site had no power for months after the storm. more than a million photographs and other artifacts remain in storage while renovations continue. pediatricians are urging parents to limit children's access to tweeting, texting, and other online activities to two hours a day. the american academy of pediatrics published its new policy today in its journal "pediatrics." the group noted that unrestricted screen time and communications have been linked to cyber-bullying, obesity, and sleeplessness. jury selection opened in london today in the first criminal trial triggered by a phone- hacking scandal. rebekah brooks and andy coulson are former editors of rupert murdoch's "news of the world" tabloid, now out of business. they allegedly plotted to hack the phones of celebrities, politicians, and crime victims, and illegally paid public officials for information. wall street's week started on a subdued note. the dow jones industrial average lost a point to close below 15,569. the nasdaq f
with regulators over visa discrepancies. if true, the penalty will be the biggest immigration fine ever. they're accused of manipulate b travel documents to enable indian workers to serve long tenures in the u.s. with allegations they got travel permits as opposed to work visas. shares of the tech firm are nevertheless just up slightly in india today. >>> still to come, the head of global corporate bank for jpmorgan will join us for an exclusive interview. the next part of "worldwide exchange" continues right after this. >>> it's a bad day for banks. shares of ubs, deutsche fall as legal costs weigh on profits. >>> bp is at the top of the stoxx 600. the oil giant ceo has just told cnbc they're going to return more cash to shareholders following those forecast popping figures. >> the shareholders have been very, very patient with bp. i think it's time for us to do not only keeping progressive dividend policy and we will continue to review it. in addition, we announced today we will sell another $10 billion in assets between now and 2015 and make proceeds available for an additional share buyba
. >> here on ellis island's registry hall as many as 5,000 immigrants enter the u.s. every day. now about that many tourists visit. most of the tourists return to ellis island for the first time since superstorm sandy slammed the historic site last october. >>> tonight we are standing by to hear what happened inside the d.c. courtroom where chris brown is making his first court appearance. the singer is accused of beating up a machine outside the w hotel on 15th -- a man outside the w hotel on 15th street over the weekend of our bruce johnson is live outside the courthouse. >> reporter: that felony saw charge has been reduced to a misdemeanor. so it's all but certain that at some point in time this evening 24-year-old chris brown, the multi-millionaire superstar singer, will be released from here at d.c. superior court. he and his 35-year-old bodyguard both awaiting arraignment. earlier we captured video of his mother, a lot of family members and fans arriving here at superior cou
seeing illegal immigrants when they go to a clinic in l.a. and other places, they pay cash. starting to see what you referred to. you go in and you pay, you get somebody to walk you through the system. you make your own choices. upper income, lower income with what is happening in obamacare, millions of middle income people will say we want out, we want to be in control. a whole new system will emerge the exact opposite of what the president wanted. connell: the long-term bet is the new enrollees in obamacare and satisfaction with the program will outweigh the people who are upset with it. i would assume, that is their long-term view this will seem like a distant memory at some point. >> you have online insurance now, private exchanges. these things work because if you don't, you go out of business unlike the government where you get more money and the more you fail. the idea people will be satisfied, you trust your medical records by government agencies. you want to be able to nowhere is this thing. you just have to stay healthy for the next two to three years. dagen: can insurance
look. >> trish that, the daughter of immigrants from india hopes to become a doctor. she is a premed major who lives at home. her tuition is just under $6,000 a year, which is all her family can afford. the president of queens college says it provides large amounts of student aid, so students don't to have pick up a job to pay their tuition. >> we're getting students who are from very modest means, first in their family to go to college, maybe first in this country. without us, they wouldn't be able to transcend their particular situation and move up. >> financial planner bob trait said cost has everything to do with how families pick schools. >> from working class families, selectedding the colleges based on the affordability, based on the geographical convenience of their son or daughter commuting as opposed to living on campus. >> with tuition on the rise, many families are looking at where they can get the most bang for the buck, the washington monthly has produced one of many lists that ranks colleges on just that, and queens college is number two. their to do looked at more tha
millions of immigrants into the united states over the years. now, a lot oaf us also remember this, remember this, the scene of superstorm sandy, slamming into the famous jersey shore, a year ago. the governor of new jersey admits there have been a lot of major delays getting help to the victims of sandy. the governor chris christie maintains his administration is not to blame. he says it took congress three months to finally approve the 51 billion-dollar relief package for those sandy victims. >>> also happening today, back here at home, governor brown is scheduled to announce an agreement between western states and brit british columbia to fight climate change. the agreement is expected to involve standards for reducing greenhouse standards. officials say the agreement is significant because a combined economy of western states and british columbia makes it the 5 5th largest in the world. >>> it's 8:17. in 45 minutes, the trial is set to begin in san mateo county for former 49er and raider, harris. harris is accused of assaulting his boyfriend during an argument at a menlo park r
joy in their everyday family life. >>> and the island that ushered millions of immigrants into the united states will finally see visitors again today. in about an hour, ellis island will be reopened after being closed for about a year due to super storm sandy. >>> the national retail federation says consumer also spend less on halloween and 18% less will make a costume instead of buying one. elisabeth hasselbeck has made a costume out of chair cushions. >> we made the cookie. just a plain cookie. >> you are looking for some last minute ideas that you can make yourself -- >> that's right. laura, lifestyle director of parents magazine is here with some adorably creative ideas and models to show them off. we have some kids here. everyone is spending a little bit less. we did 6% less on halloween this year. they're going to make their costumes. >> there is a lot of home made costumes this year. these costumes are fun to make 'cause they are as clever as they are cute. >> for example, cookie, meet cook cree. >> emma, you are a smart cookie. >> she is. >> to make her costume, y
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